Most of the parents from the rural background or village background are choosing a disposal diapers due to their convenience and some parents opt for the cloth diapers that can be available in  most affordable price and you can use it for more than one time, if you wash them yourself then wash the diapers and use it again.

Some of the people believe that the use of cloth diapers are more friendly to the environment so that they are going for preferring the cloth diapers for their babies.

Generally, the cloth diapers come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of the traditional cloth diapers are usually comes with a folded or in a square shape and they require a pinning and most of the modern type diapers are fitted or contoured like a disposable diaper. This kind of diapers comes with Velcro closures or snaps.

Use of the other cloth diapering accessories including the absorbent liners which are flushable, diaper doublers for extra protection at the night time and a diaper covers the baby skin to help in preventing the leaks.

When you are using an old style cloth diapers, there are many different ways to fasten the use of cloth diapers. One of the most common styles used in folding the cloth diaper is the triangular fold method.

Here is a guide to fold the cloth diapers in a triangular shape fold,

  • You need to fold the square in the half to form a triangle shape. If you are preparing it for newborn babies, you may need to fold the long side of the triangle to down a few inches so that it fits your baby better than other shape diapers.
  • Now place your baby in the diaper by gently moving the baby’s feet and legs and sliding the diaper under your baby.
  • The longest side of the triangle should be behind your baby’s back, with the opposite corner focusing down towards to the feet of your baby.
  • Then bring the front part of the diaper up between your bay’s legs and onto his or her belly, and bring one side around your baby so that it overlaps the center part of the diaper.
  • Keep the other side of the cloth around the baby so that it overlaps on other two parts of the diaper, then fasten all 3 parts of diaper together with a safety pin.

Some points to keep in mind when using the cloth diapers:

If you are choosing a diaper which requires the pinning, then use an oversize pin with a plastic safety heads. If you want to prevent the pricking the baby, keep your hand between the pin and your baby’s skin. If you feel nervous when doing this then use a diaper tape which comes in a dispenser.

Note that wet diapers can be tossed right into the diaper pail, but the soiled diapers should not be emptied into the toilets first, especially if your baby is formula-fed or on solids.

Some points to keep in mind when using the cloth diapers

Some of the people rinse the diaper before washing it and you may also select to spray the diaper with water and baking soda for a better odor control.

If you are washing the diaper by using your hands, then wash them separately from the other laundry using a mild detergent which is hypoallergenic or some other recommended things for clothing the infant care.

Keep in mind that, do not use a fabric softener or antistatic products, which can able to cause rashes on the baby’s sensitive skin.