Normally, the Juicy Couture is one of the popular clothing companies in the market. Now, they released the fantastic romper of Juicy Couture Baby and Toddler’s Terry Hooded Romper. It is suitable for both babies as well as a toddler which means it is perfectly fit for 1-14 year babies.

Most of the people disappointed the price of the romper. For more satisfaction, the company offers this romper at the lowest rate. Moreover, it is less in price when comparing to the other quality as well as high branded romper in the open market.

Features of the Juicy Couture Baby and Toddler’s Terry Hooded Romper:                               

Don’t you know the features of this romper? If yes, then read the below-listed points to know more about it.

  1. Brilliant design:

Most of the people are amazing about the design of this romper why because it is extraordinary in design. You will get the plain pink color in front and back side of the romper. In addition, it holds with the embroidery pattern on the side of the 2 hands as well as legs. This embroidery pattern will really mesmerize you.

  1. Easy wearer:

For more fitness, the designers have introduced the elasticated waist which means you will get the tightness on the waist part of the romper. However, it is zippered types. This zip of the romper allows the user to wear it easily.

In addition, the cloth is soft as well as thick so you can wear this romper to your baby in winter days also.


  • The cloth of this romper will not easily damage at any critical situations.


  • It is high in cost.


However, if you want to buy this romper, then go to the online and buy it at very lowest rate.