Generally, this Nununu New plus Romper L Black Romper is one of the most famous rompers in the market. It is suitable to wear for 6-7 year babies. In addition, the people those who want to buy the professional type of the romper at an affordable price can buy this through the online. Moreover, it is available in all local shops but if you want to enjoy the discount offer, then buy it through online. It is not only suitable for girls but also the boy babies can able to wear this romper.

Features of the Nununu New Plus Romper L Black Romper:

Some of the special features of this Nununu New plus Romper L Black Romper are as explained below,

  1. Elastic fit:

When it comes to the design of this romper is nice. It is the sleeveless type. The neck portion of this romper is oval in shape. For more comfort, the designers have introduced the elastic in the waist portion as well as the leg bottom portion. This elastic fit helps to fit perfectly on the body. Moreover, it offers the slim look while your baby wearing it.

  1. Attractive color:

This romper comes with the perfect combination of black and white. In addition, you will get the plus symbol design on both top and bottom of the romper. Besides, there is no lining in the inner portion of the romper so it is weightless.

The fabric of this romper is thick and also it is high in quality so it is best for the long term use.


  • It is priceless.


  • The size is too big.
  • The printed design will be quickly fading.


To get more comfortable to wear, this romper provides the designer push button on the top of the romper. It helps to wear the romper quickly as well as perfectly.